Learning Japanese


Learn To Speak Japanese  v.3 3

Learning Japanese is extremely easy now. With Learn to Speak Japanese, you can learn spoken Japanese and improve your vocabulary right at your computer while doing other work.

Easy Japanese Dialogs  v.3 1

Easy Japanese Dialogs is a very practical study tool for learning Japanese; it gathers 245 pcs dialogs from about 15 common life scenes. Scenes such as traveling, shopping, making calls, greetings and so on. The software presents the content of


Learn Speak Japanese  v.3.3

Learn To Speak Japanese is specially developed for the people who are learning Japanese.

Rocket Japanese 2.0  v.2.0

Rocket Japanese Learning Japanese is a great way to enhance your life, and it?s never too late to learn. Whether you are traveling to Japan, have Japanese-speaking family, friends and colleagues, enjoy learning something new, or you?re keen to

Japanese WOTD  v.

Learning Japanese? Supplement your training on the go with Japanese Word of the Day! Use the interactive review mode to test yourself on the words you have learned. Includes live tile support for displaying the daily word right on your start

Japanese-English Dictionary  v.1.0

Apimac Japanese-English Dictionary is a program for Mac OS X that contains all the necessary for students learning Japanese, it's a comprehensive and up-to-date Japanese-English dictionary with grammatical notes containing thousand of Japanese words

100 Kanji

Drill Japanese Kanji and words. Build your vocabulary with a solid, proven system, save lots of time, and prepare for the JLPT. Learn raw kanji or use furigana and romaji. 100 Kanji helps you to concentrate on learning Japanese with a slim, no-distraction

Kanji Sketch Pad  v.2.89 Beta

Animated Kanji drawing coach for learning Japanese. The Kanji Sketch Pad is an intuitive kanji coach that tests your capability to draw Japanese characters.

Hiragana battle  v.

Learn Janapese Hiragana playing game. Learning Japanese? this game is for

PyKanjiCard  v.1.3

PyKanjiCard is a flash card program to aid learning japanese written words, inhiragana, katakana and kanji.

NJStar Japanese WP  v.6.00

NJStar Japanese Word Processor reads, writes, edits and prints Japanese text on normal English or western Windows. It also includes a powerful English-Japanese/Japanese-English bi-directional dictionary for instant dictionary lookup.

2000 Kanji

Learning Kanji is fun! And more so when it's quick and easy. Type-in or skip-over: 2000 Kanji can help you learn more and remember better. It comes with some 2000 Kanji and more than 13000 Japanese words preinstalled and ready to run. No hunting for

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